Newspaper Articles

These are articles written for The Conversation:


"Five ways the Coalition can get innovation back on track", The Conversation, July 25th, 2016.


"Turnbull still hasn't sold us on the innovation dream", The Conversation, May 5th, 2016.


"The government's focus on innovation is too narrow", The Conversation, Sept 29, 2015.


"Innovation package just gets us back to square one", The Conversation, Dec 8th, 2015.


"A smart strategy to drive Australia's knowledge economy", The Conversation, Apr 10th, 2012.


"Innovation or stagnations? Lessons Australia could learn from the UK", The Conversation, March 22, 2012.

These are articles mainly written for The Australian (back in the day when the Higher Education editor thought innovation and university/business connections were important).

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Why the debate on innovation has to change