World Economic Forum:

“How deep science shapes the future”

“We need to measure innovation better: here’s how”

“Most leaders are missing this crucial character trait”

“These are the four traits of successful entrepreneurs”

"Nudging solutions to complex problems"

"The missing ingredient in innovation: patience"

"Universities need philanthropy but must resist hidden agendas"

"The tech industry needs more women: here's how to make it happen"

"The start-up garage myth: we need golden triangles and super clusters"

"You can't build a wall against ideas"'t-build-a-wall-against-ideas

Translated into Spanish:

"Talk less about disruption to firms and more about disruption to society"

"Reach for the stars. The advice that failed a generation"

"Universities and scaling up companies"

"Artificial intelligence will transform universities: here's how"


A discussion with Graham Allcott on my book The Playful Entrepreneur:

What a 18th century philosopher teaches us about successful careers today: